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Russian Bridgitte

Mastering the art of erotic sensual massaging.


in the care of gentle brewing seductiveness,

sultry erotic passion

Professional therapy of mind, body and spirit.










We are creatures of habit. We find comfort in the actions of those that have gone before us. We trust they have paved the way and can advise us on paths not to be followed.

I say...neither here nor there... when it comes to the 'self' , we are unique in needs, desires, wants,,,for our boundaries will differ from individual to individual. An innate ...instinct...?...knowing when it is wrong.A common denominator though, be our need for intimacies that are inviting in their sincerity, neither fussy nor judgemental, quite ordinary in their normalness yet...passionate and raw and telling of self.

The mastering of self acknowledgement without guilt. The mastering of letting go.

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be a part of my world part 2

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Release, Relax, Unwind

Natural, unburdened indulgence ...a rediscovery of the slumbering self.

The philosophy of sensual wellbeing


When being erotically sensual requires no apology or explanation. When sensuality is understood to be a natural state of being, an innate ability one is born with. When indulgence in thoughts erotic and sensual relieve frustration and feelings of angst built up through misunderstandings, misconceptions and lack of information.

When the body and mind know to marry and surrender to unreserved, uninhibited display of naughty sexy kinky pleasures, an awakening of the most intense contentment leaving positive ripple effects in ones relationships and surroundings.

The philosophy of sensual well-being is a state of existence where immediate bodily satisfaction and gratification are, but a result of understanding ones needs and desires of the emotional sort through sight, smell, touch...words. There cannot be a disconnect between mind and body...and thus stimulation and acceptance of self and understanding of self...embracing without fear of shame or reprimand is a climax of the most explosive sort....lingering lusciousness that knows to ruffle the feathers and make the embers of erotic sensuality burn hot.

I am a disciple of sensuality. My mind dabbles and dives incessantly into philosophising of how i can devour, please, lead, teach, understand and share through closeness, sincerity of touch, emotional gratification and acceptance of the naked realities of the sensual creatures that we are .


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Why would you doubt?


how close can u get to that which wonders in and out of my thought,
what if an invitation i extend, in those imaginings for both of us to be caught?
i shall share and let u know
not in words but, in action show
what it be that knows to fill my head
what many may be shy to admit to for, too raunchy by many it be said.

really? the fact that a fecund mind i possess
and that others may question causes me no distress,
for to be hypocritical about my ability to openly dabble in the erotic and sensual
does not suit me and would drive me insane and frigid eventual.

no...not...nope...a state of well being and balance be attained at all time
hard work knows to tire the body and mind and it confine
so to cheat myself and turn my back on a state natural
impossible for my reality and imaginings be achiral.

so let me show u and let me lead
allow me to plant an exotic seed
of thoughts different, consuming and plunging
the ability to know to acknowledge without guilt or fear, exalting.



Therapy through closeness and touch

The primary service I offer is a sensual body to body, sincere and intimate, interactive, kinky and erotic.

For pure unadulterated erotic pleasure without concern of any sort all sessions are highly governed by personal hygiene, oral hygiene and chemistry.


There is what I call an erotic penis massage with happy ending (can be prostate play, scrotum massage, milking even strap-on).

Mild cock and ball torture, blindfolds and being lightly restrained leads to exotic imaginings and paths to be travelled.

My sessions are all about mutual connectivity and enjoyment and interactive fun. 

I do not use terms such as lingam, tantra or nuru as  my service includes techniques understood for any of those terms. 

The sensual massage is coupled with a deep tissue / sport massage and head, hand, foot massage. (a foretaste of what my pure reflexology session would be like) . I am formally trained in health and wellness of mind and body.

Male grooming is on offer too....should it be a shave, that is inclusive in the rates. Should it be waxing, that is more intricate and thus an extra charge would be added depending on the requirement of areas to be waxed. 

I do not do beauty treatments as am not a qualified beautician but, am formally schooled and accredited  when it comes to the mental and physical well-being of self  .


My longer sessions i end off with a mini spa treatment being a body scrub of natural ingredients mixed there and then....the efficacy of such a treat is about cleansing, invigorating and nourishing the skin. Included in rate quoted.


And should you be the sort to enjoy an exotic luxury of a different type then do indulge in the Milk bath that is prepared before your arrival.

It is an intimate sensual treat...all about...being  spoilt and rubbed and massaged while in the aromatic nourishing waters.

To then step out and make ones way to the plinth for a full body to body sensual intimate massage with relief fulfilling. 



An upmarket space to indulge in the satisfaction of self. Where ones mind and body are the focus leading to the fulfillment of sensual pleasures.
A centrally situated sanctuary easily accessible from major highways and close to OR Tambo Airport.

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South Africa

+27 082 2248 371

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